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Twin Switched Neon Universal Plug Socket with 5V-2.1A Dual USB Charging Slots

This universal USB wall plug socket featured with a classy decorative brushed stainless steel faceplate, matching any decoration styles, great choice for multi-national hotels, popular resorts and home inns.

This twin switched USB charging wall plug socket is of multi-national standard, working with all plugs worldwide.

The twin switched USB charging wall plug socket comes with 2 universal AC power outlets and 2 USB charging ports for working with 4 devices at the same time, which saves great space and bring much convenience.

2 switches embedded in the USB wall plug socket to turn on/off the power of each side.

The DC output of USB charging slots is 5V/2100mA, which is perfect for charging all mobile devices including Iphone, Ipad, Galaxy, smartphones, PSP, MP3 etc.


This product will save you a lot of time finding your USB adapters,and help you to clear the mess of your power board cluttering with the USB chargers.

Twin Switched Neon Universal Plug Socket with 5V-2.1A Dual USB Charging Slots

Model No Twin Switched Neon Universal Plug Socket with 5V-2.1A Dual USB Charging Slots
Construction double USB charging ports and dual universal-standard power outlets
Material for faceplate classy brushed stainless steel with golden frame
Material for back frame thick and strong steel frame
Material for contact Strong conductive bronze
Rated current for AC electric outlet 13Amp
Rated voltage for AC electric outlet 250V
DC output current for USB charging ports 2100mA
DC output voltage for USB charging ports 5V
Ultra low standby power consumption <50mW
Dimensions 146(L)x86(H)x20mm(D)
Life 100,000 times
Color silver steel color
Power socket mounting type Flush type
Compatible products Smart phones,Iphone,Ipad,Samsung,Note,etc,all USB devices
Compatible plugs plugs used in more than 150 countries worldwide, including UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.
Application Residential/general purpose
  • Universal Standard AC power sockets+Safety Switches+USB charging ports+LED indicator lights for USB charging
  • Built-in on/off switch for the whole socket,turn off the switch to cut off the electricity when it is not in use.
  • We make only high quality product to ensure it receives your satisfaction every time

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