24Dec 2014

Merry Christmas!! To all customers and your family members. And we also have a picture attached below for you :).2015 will be a fruitful year for you and your company with our cooperation and assistance. Happy Holidays.Rayond sincerely wish you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness.

27Jan 2015

The Chinese Spring Festival is just around the corner,we will have a holiday¬†from Feb 12th to Feb 26,we apologize for any inconvenience we might bring to you due to this long holiday. If there is inquiries or questions,please feel free to contact us by email,we will reply to you as soon as we can. Happy […]

06Jun 2015

1.What is a USB wall socket? The USB wall socket is a normal wall power socket with a built-in USB adapter,which outputs in 2 ways:AC and DC.The AC part,namely the normal power socket part,can allow you to connect your home appliances or other electrical equipments.The USB charging part allows users to charge their USB devices […]

02Jul 2015

2015-Newest Design-Australian-Standard-Power-Point-with-USB-Charger2.pdf 2015-2100mA-Dual-USB-universal-5-pin-wall-socket-Product-brochure-1.pdf 2015-Product-brochure-2-Dual-USB-3-pin-universal-wall-socket.pdf 2015-Product-brochure-3-Dual-USB-5-pin-universal-wall-socket.pdf 2015-Dual-USB-British-standard-wall-socket-Product-brochure-4.pdf

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