About Us

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These are what we have been and will always be.


Since establishment in 2010,we have been constantly pushing and never settling for less than quality products at a fair price. Four years of professional marketing team and experienced engineers developing products for the convenience of our life.


The Rayond products have always been a little different – and always about the customer.
We are constantly working to create the best USB wall sockets,switches and sockets,wall mount wireless routers,etc for our valuable customers, and we hope that you’ll turn to Rayond Technology when you have a related need.


Our products are designed to make your life easier,healthier and more enjoyable.
we seek to employ forward thinking technology to create and deliver energy efficient and superior performing products. We continue to be on the fore front of innovation.


We maintain our commitment to excellence,we work closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure our products meet with their highest level of quality.
We care only two things:our reputation,your satisfaction.